Watching the hens.


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A very happy Birthday.

My birthday started at 5 am with my walk out of the valley. Glow worms and green glowing fungi bordered the road. In town, Tamara and Pat prepared me a delicious breakfast at their coffee roasting café in the industrial estate. Pat is also going to roast my coffee bean harvest. Tamara and Pat’s unique business is called THE BRANCHES.


Following my very pleasant walk back into Mullumbimby’s town, I met a couple of old friends before continuing on the mail run with Jayne.


Jayne prepared a simple supper of salad, stuffed tofu pockets and grilled mushrooms.


Day ended with delightful messages from my 4 sisters and my brother.



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Thanks to all supporters.

Just short of my crowd funding target but much better than I expected. A huge thank-you to all my supporters.


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24 hours left.

Just 24 hours left to reach the target for herbicide-free workers.


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Early start due to the rain easing.  Re potting numerous rain forest tree seedlings found along the edge of the garden.


Last 2 days of my crowd funding campaign. Now raised 300 hours of paid labor to slash, pull and mulch lantana and to replant rain forest tree seedlings. Hope my knees can keep up with my workers as I attempt to match their time.


Lunch time.


Yesterday during the rain, 3 kookaburras were very annoyed when a couple of Wonga pigeons stretched their wings out sprawled on the ground catching the light rain under their wings. The irate 3 cackled and snarled as they watch the Wonga.



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77 mls of Rain.

Following an extreme past 2 weeks weather ways, it is a fantastic relief to get a good nights sleep and to hear the creek water in the distance.  Temperatures have dropped considerably.


Fungis, lichens, mini clusters forming on fallen branches. The photo below I took yesterday in-between showers and I can not identify it.



A fallen Moreton Bay fig bough.


Last couple of days and have almost reached my target.

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Bush Walk.

This morning, many herbicide free volunteers and activists were to trek the 15 k walk along the Night Cap track.

Hopefully to reach here late afternoon, for early tea and a bowl of vegetable soup, and with my fellow Aquarians combining to celebrate our birthdays.  As the rain is still gently falling and the leeches are ravenous I do not envy any who have been brave enough to turn up.

View below looking west to Mount Warning from Night Cap track.


This sign near town reflects the state of our politics, say one thing and do another completely contradicting their own advice.


Example of a poisoned drain. Photo taken last Wednesday.





And natural happenings in my garden.


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