This pineapple was protected from being eaten  by the bower birds.  A python curled  up on it for days, catching the sun.


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SYRIA… others see it.

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Saturday work site.

Early start before the heat drove me back to the cabin. Pulling and slashing regrowth of lantana, one huge surviving root we missed 5 years ago now 10 metres into a rain-forest tree. I marvel at the plants ability to grow so fast. Below is the only decent photo of this morning’s  work site.


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Have a happy week-end. Hour ahead tomorrow.


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October 2, 2015 · 8:15 pm

A Film date.


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October 1, 2015 · 11:39 pm




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September 29, 2015 · 9:09 pm

Cool morning.


Its all go while the weather is so pleasant. Early start at 6 am and I enjoyed three hours clearing reshooting lantana and      vines that were pulling down young 3 metre trees.  Garden day yesterday with the removal of the rampaging peppermint along with collecting mustard seed, transplanting clumping lemon grass and general gardening.


Carmi and Awomadah enjoying their visit last week-end.

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