Tree Tomato ( tamarillo )

Tree Tomato

   Beginning the tree tomato harvest for the making of chutney for the Organic Market Day on May 7th.  With New Zealand/Aotearoa on all of our minds at the moment it is kind of consoling to be picking this delightful tasty treat. I was introduced to this elegant tree/shrub at my Nana’s home in New Plymouth in the province of Taranaki. Nana had a beautifully kept flower and vegetable garden with tree tomatoes growing along the walls of the garden shed. It is a native of South America but thrived in New Plymouth. I have always grown it here in  northern NSW for its valuable contribution of  a range of vitamins and if picked when perfectly ripe from the tree it is a unsurpassable taste treat. I think people who say they don’t like to eat them have not had the pleasure of tasting a tree ripened one. A couple of land carers have complained to me that birds are spreading it beyond our gardens but I see it as a food resource for those same birds who it is feared are loosing habitat with human encroachment and climate change. Also tree tomatoes have a short life and if they do sprout under canopy their survival chances are soon reduced to nil as they are shaded out.

Recipes to follow as I proceed to the kitchen.

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  1. Philippa

    Yum. I love tamarillos. you are right – to me the taste of Taranaki. x


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