Kookaburra keeps watch.


Three kookaburras keep watch over the garden most days.  They chorus the arrival of dawn and are the last day birds to be heard in the evening. Busy time with the weather being so sunny. Started the planting of seeds directly into the soil,  ie. carrots, beetroot, zucchini and more asian vegetables. Digging up and dividing rhubarb, yakon, ginger and turmeric. Collecting all variety of mulch from around the place as I lay it between the seedling rows.

 Numerous nectar seeking birds are filling most spots in the remaining two coral trees. I have not removed the introduced corals near the garden, simply because they provide many species of birds, nectar, during the winter months when they flower.  As us humans encroach more into our fauna’s habitat, it is important for me to provide as much support as I can to what is left.

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