Carrot (Daucus carota ) in flower.

The carrot flower is an elegant addition to the spring garden. In “Plants Consumed By Man” by B. Brouk, I learnt that Australia has a native carrot ( Daucus bracteata ) which is only grown for sheep fodder. Our familiar table carrot goes back a long way, to Greek and Roman times, but did not find its way to Europe until the Middle ages. It appears that it was introduced into America via Virginia in 1607 from where it spread throughout the new Continent , mainly by the American Indian. Of course it was quick to follow European settlement into Australia. I have not found any reference to the Australian Carrot in ” A Million Wild Acres ” by Eric Rolls though. So many uses for it, pickled, raw and cooked.

To all my London and English friends, wish you were here for the gentle respite offered by our beautiful spring weather.

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