Autumn in the air.

Yesterday began my working season in and around the rain-forest with a walk to the head waters of Coopers Creek which is with-in this property’s boundary. Also it was to see if an undesirable cultivation by intruders had taken place, luckily no trace of that.

An invigorating climb up the fast flowing creek. Where lantana is dominating  along the creek’s banks there was very little soil erosion to be seen, where I have removed and mulched it, native polia has emerged through the mulch. Areas benneath emerging canopy and with a sparse lantana cover, many rain-forest seedlings are visible. The lantana itself is providing sufficent protection for vigorous regeneration. Next stage is to hand pull the odd lantana plant and mulch them inbetween. Dense patches of lantana, I, along with my paid workers will circle the growth a couple of metres at a time which should continue over a period of years or until sufficent regeneration has occurred.


There is not a hope in the world we will see a return to a landscape pre 1788. Most Australian’s live in an urban environment where the manicured, spray or dust  attitude prevails if a mis-placed plant sprouts. Until we reoccupy the degraded rural areas and to start to really live with-in the environment, like small scale production of food and fibre and by composting plants that may-be smothering a native, with the outcome being an efficent and organic fertiliser. We need to stop the thinking  that states by adding a complexity of poisons into the soil and water-ways we are going to return to a mythical landscape. It is an illusion and with the complexity of surfactants that bind the  salt of glyphosate in round-up, we are introducing a toxic time bomb into the already severely degraded environment. Also since Monsanto’s patent on round-up expired there are many varients of surfactants in common use now on the market.

 It is now proven that in a modern town’s sewrage system there are over 4000 active chemical compounds which scientists are just beginning to research.

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