Work Site.

Pleased to be back working on the verges of the rain-forest. Dense going and still too humid to work much after 10 am.

More on who funds the global lobbyists.


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4 responses to “Work Site.

  1. Heather Appleton

    Watch out for eye attacking creatures!


    • Yes I am constantly aware when I am in the wet rain-forest that this is likely to happen to me again if I don’t wear glasses. Thank-you for being here when I experienced the eye-ball attack by who knows what. Still unable to identify the source of such intense pain but luckily, my vision has returned intact as it can be for my age.


  2. paul

    have you read the Bradley method? “Bringing Back the Bush” Joan Bradley.
    you can buy it for $20 from the csiro website.wonderful technique for regeneration.(no chemicals,and it is based on observation of nature)however seems like you are doing a wonderful job.


    • Years ago, when I lived in Sydney I became aware of the Bradley sisters work in North Sydney. Truly inspirational and it was a very sad day for chemical free bush regenerators when Joan passed away well before she should have. But her legacy lives on to all who knew and still know her work.


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