The chook family.

Since Horatio the rooster died, the hens are not as happy. My hope that one of the heritage breeds  (who are now 3 months old)  would be male is beginning to recede. A rooster is a must for a happy hen-house. The only down-side is their crowing at 4 am in the morning.  A super site about a lot of small farming stuff.

Good news too, 2 young people want to come and see how a chemical-free regeneration property looks. They have both studied the various reports from other countries which identify the increasingly negative aspects of many commonly used herbicides in Australia. More young people, who are serious about moving out-side of the herd mentality, in blindly accepting the spin of governments, chemical companies and Monsanto, the better for the future of all life on the planet.

Sunset, 23 February 2012.


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2 responses to “The chook family.

  1. Julie Anne

    Hi, Free Rooster. You could give a dumped rooster a very happy life. Two ways, contact Wendy through Byron Shire and let her know you would like to give a rooster a happy home. She is hired by the council to continually rehouse the dumped roosters at Brunswick. OR come with 1 – 2 hours spare and patience, walk through the lions park, choose a rooster ( there is a lovely classic fairy tale type at the moment) wait till dusk, see where he roosts and pop him in a sack on a bamboo pole. Its easy as you probably know, they are very docile at roosting time. Good luck, these guys are living a horrible life, no hens, fighting for food and space with cars and foxes and dogs to dodge. Have a look they are beauties.


  2. Thank-you Julie. Yes thinking of visiting Brunswick. Our 2 mother hens were rescues from there.


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