I have grown Yacon  (also called the earth apple in the Andes where it originates )  for a few years now and value it as a raw treat in autumn and winter  while working in the garden. Its tubers are still valued as a water source in some parts of South America but also more importantly, they are rich in the indigestible sugar – inulin – which is used extensively in the Philippines in the making of sweets .  Also a vital sweetening agent for diabetics and without the calories.

Yacon is a perennial plant, easy to grow in soil which tomatoes would do well. I plant it along the edges of my gardens as it tends to grow to a metre or more. It sets small daisy like yellow flowers in autumn after which I begin to scrape the soil away from around the large edible tubers alongside smaller yam like tuber roots ( pups ) which will be re planted for next years crop.

Various uses in the kitchen and I recommend a google or other search for a myriad of recipes. I like it raw in salads or just as it is. The leaves too shouldn’t be undervalued as the can be used as a successful substitute for vine and cabbage leaves.

 Thanks to my reading of   Mark Diacono’s  ‘ A Taste Of  The Unexpected ‘- Quadrille Books.

I have yacon (pups) available if any one locally would like some. Donation payment toward chemical free rain-forest regeneration labour costs.

email me at chem.free.regen@gmail.com


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3 responses to “Yacons.

  1. thankyou for sharing with us Don


  2. Well you learn something new every day! I hope the yacon comes up in a pub quiz one of these days….


  3. german shepherd

    I had to come here to see what they are but have never heard of them.One other plant i have grown here is stevia


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