You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it – Einstein

When the original forest cover was removed in the Northern Rivers, camphor laurel was introduced because it was fast growing and provided much-needed shade for both livestock and homes. It soon filled the void following failed dairy farming and banana plantations and after most of the original trees were removed, it is now declared noxious by short sighted politicians and  pre 1788ers.  Almost all of the native food source for birds was removed by European  farming/tree harvesting colonization. For insects and other fauna  the camphor laurel soon provided much-needed sustenance. It has been recorded over 40 insects, along with many birds  depend on camphor laurel for their precarious and lucky survival as their original food sources were removed. So to see whole areas poisoned locally is a tragedy and reflects our short-term thinking with-out any historical hind-sight. And these people advocating complete removal of the camphor really are showing the same ignorance that the early settlers did when they first brought European farming practices to Australia’s quite different ecology.

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