Ms Cherry damaged her foot

damaged-foot-on-repairMs Cherry ( 9 years old) is one of my most cherished hens. A rescue from Brunswick where many hen keepers dump their unwanted roosters along with the odd hen.  Cherry came with her sister, Ms Scream, and both were soon laying a small green shelled egg and falling into brood mode as soon as the temp reached 28 degrees. Both were  the best of all Hen Mums to day old chicks and I have seen both, as mothers, showing week old free-ranging chickens what  a snake was and that they must avoid it. They also taught me their sounds for each of the many predators watching for a quick meal of a young chicken. Goannas, kookaburra, snakes, hawks, eagles and the odd feral dog. The free-ranging of hens has taught me a lot about the innate intelligence of hens.

Last week Cherry gashed her foot, just above her 3 toes. She could not walk for a couple of days. I bathed the gash and it was beginning to heal. But then the other hens, sensing and seeing her vulnerability,  attacked her last friday and reopened the wound. Now she is spending her days on the sofa on the verandah where I apply paw-paw salve and lavender oil. This morning she is beginning to limp on her foot so I am hoping the worst is over.

Keep up to date on what Monsanto is up to. If its already happening in the USA it will be happening here soon.

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