A repost from May 2013 when I attended a concert performance by Barb Jungr, playing on Saturday night in Byron bay.


Busy cinema week with “Beyond the Pines” getting a good rating from me. And if you like action/police corruption themes then you too might like it. A nature/nurture,father/son/good v bad movie with quite an unpredictable ending  which I liked.  Pedro Almodvar’s ” I’m So Excited ” opened today but as I was about to buy a ticket to view it an acquaintance come out and said don’t bother. Stereotypical gay characters and silly. A little like Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi in the new sit-com here on ITV, which I watched on Monday night, called ” Vicious ” more stereotypical gay characters which only elicited a couple of grins from me.

The high-light in my entertainment by far was the cabaret performance of Barb Jungr, who is performing in Australia at the Adelaide festival next month.  A group of us went to see her and Mari Wilson performing last night and it was one of those evenings that could have gone on and on. They sang a collection from the 60s, blues to rock. Emeline and Papa was a Rolling stone had a tear or two escaping and when both songs ended there was a few seconds of silence before the applause erupted. The on-stage banter between the 2 women was hilarious and every-one attending in the smallish basement restaurant went home well satisfied. Barb’s web-site and her Australian tour dates in the link at the top of this entry. It’s a shame she is not going to Mullumbimby because I know she would pack the Civic Hall out and have every-one on their feet.

Other high-lights of the week was the good European news to protect the remaining bees with the range of bans on some herbicides. The other was the dismal news of the stampeding by the loony right/left  in local elections here in the UK. But it is reminiscent of the rise of One Nation in Australia. All puff probably but there does appear to be huge dis-content in the community. Immigration, gay marriage and the EU are the 3 high-lighted issues consuming the people who have  voted for UKIP. The Greens seem to have fallen off the radar. A few good points in the linked article for the Australian Greens to consider in the run up to the September election. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/may/09/nigel-farage-tv-ukip-trumps-greens

I am reading “The Collapse of Barings”, the detailed account of the bankrupting of one of the oldest and respected merchant banks in the City of London. A confirmation of greed, power and how isolated a lot of these people are from the real world where the wealth is created in the first place. When the general public keep hearing of the huge bonus’ bankers and their cohorts are still paying themselves, when the average worker here can no longer afford to own their own home or even rent near their work-place, then it is easy to understand this dis-content. Another fact here in these tower blocks where I am staying, is when the government sold off public housing, the social housing was not replaced. Now one land-lord owns over 90 flats in this borough alone that were once council owned and affordable for the lowest paid worker.

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    A post I wrote during my 2013 visit to London to spend time with my friends and family. Delighted to be attending BARB JUNGR’s Byron bay Concert on Saturday June 4th.


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