Stir the Pot.

hovers-and-bees-galoreWhat a week. Rain and then more rain, unusual for this time of the year, our winter.

Following the successful mini market last Saturday, where the valley celebrated signing up to be coal seam gas free, I had my moments stirring the pot a little by asking people what they cooked with ( gas mostly ) where their 4 wheel drive was made and from what material and energy source, likeways their computers, mobile phones, Ipads. I was met with stony silence and a little out-rage. But when this valley has the second highest green vote in the state and we haven’t been able to raise enough funds to solar panel the hall and school, where land-care grants fund herbicides to strip and kill hectares of lantana and do not promote hands on employment for young people I was told by a couple of people I have some strong points. Odd when we all take for granted our materially comfortable lives and are then able to be very selective in what we oppose.

Methane escaping from the melting artic is going to speed up climate disruption and that is now a reality and there is little we can do. This juggernaut called progress is not for turning it seems.


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2 responses to “Stir the Pot.

  1. Don’t you know why is raining? It is me praying for raining to stop the National Parks to aerial spray Tyagarah Nature Reserve, Light House Head Land and Tallow Beach. NP have till the 16th of August to do it. So sorry, only will be sunny on the weekends, spirits weather report, spraying love and shading the weeds, Nadia


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