Miss Minnie not fazed by the change of government.

Predicted change of government. Dismal campaign with the ever awful Murdoch media giving us nothing more than negative coverage. Climate rapid change was barely mentioned but the ABC and their voter compass, which had 1.2 million polling through-out the campaign, showed us that the majority of participant’s, across all political persuasions, said they were seriously concerned about the environment.The Greens polled poorly too (although not in this Shire ) so it is time the local Greens started to be more pro-active in this Shire so other shires have a model to emulate. The environment should be the main-stay of Green thinking and the focus should be on what we can do. Instead of too many words we really need action. Public support should be harnessed and encouraged for chemical-free and organic local agriculture which could be this Shire’s main tourist attraction. Lets show by example instead of sitting on our lazy back-sides watching real estate prices-instead, get involved physically. This Shire could produce enough seasonal food for many times our population so lets start feeding and covering all our energy needs.

Federally the new government is already spruiking an old business model. We need an innovative new business model that sees the faze out of fossil fuel consumption replacing it with a selection of safe and clean alternatives. Sustainable food production that doesn’t depend on fossil fuel derived artificial fertilisers and a return to the ideal of small is beautiful. Australia can’t dig up the coal fast enough, that’s the reality, so we have to develop working alternatives here and now.


Organic UK report.


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