Coffee harvesting.

Earlier than is usual, the coffee harvest and preparing the beans ready for roasting is a time consuming exercise. But is so worth while when I smell the roasting beans and taste the delicious coffee. A couple of people have suggested I am spreading another “weed ” but if I grow a plant that we as humans consume then how can it be a “weed “.Super markets are full of coffee beans and roasts from all over the world. I much prefer to grow my own because I can in this environment and consider it a bonus.


Save the wood-hen. The disturbing spraying poison approach to rid Lord Howe Island of introduced rats. Surely there is a better way.

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  1. Ash n Rod

    Hey Don,
    After tasting your coffee, how could that flavour possibly be from a weed. A weed is only a problem where it is not wanted……we are learning to love our weeds, well some not all ;). The flavour of your low caff coffee is truly a remarkable experience. I look forward to transplanting a few of your seedlings and hopefully sharing a harvest and hot beverage with friends. Certainly makes sense in a nation of coffee drinkers that we grow more of this beautiful plant rather then importanting from industrial scale plantations. PS thanks for the box of veg and eggs, YUMMO!

    Ash n Rod x


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