David Suzuki on Q and A.

Environmentalist David Suzuki has attacked the Coalition’s climate change policies, calling for a legal penalty to be imposed for “wilful blindness” in leaders who commit the “crime” of ignoring climate change.

Suzuki, a Canadian academic visiting Australia, told the ABC’s Q&A on Monday night that the government’s decision to disband The Climate Commission – which has since been resurrected as a privately funded body – was “very dangerous”.

“Human beings have become so powerful that we are altering the physical, chemical and biological properties of the Earth on a global scale,” he said. “In a time when we have become so powerful, how are we best making decisions for the future? I would think the best source of advice would be science.

“If we don’t listen to science, what are we going to turn to – the Bible? the Qur’an? An advertising agency? Australians are at a very critical time. You had a mechanism where science could be provided, with no commitment one way or the other, so that you could make up your own mind. By shutting that down, what does that tell you?

From the Guardian.



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2 responses to “David Suzuki on Q and A.

  1. Thank you, love your blog. Just letting you now that there are 2 chemicalfree bushregeneration volunteers with qualification looking for work, should I pass your contact to then? love nadia


    • Thanks Nadia. Work slowing down now because it is too hot after 10 am. Next March start up. Give my contact details. I was wondering if you might like to host a info stall at our Christmas Market on Dec 7th. Call me for details.


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