Temps rise.

When the temperature rises above 28 degrees the hens become quite frenzied. Marilyn, the white sussex, who wanted to hatch chicks, shown in a previous post, lasted 7 days before abandoning her 4 eggs for a very long dust bath. She is again broody but I am reluctant to let her have eggs in case she abandons them again. When she is a little older perhaps. Ms Cherry, in the photo is a remarkable survivor. A rescue from a Brunswick village nature reserve, where her and her sister were dumped when the owners got bored with looking after them, came here 8 years ago. She has decided to lay her occasional egg on the armchair on the veranda, probably to avoid the roaming goannas.


Predicted hysterical rants coming from the shock jocks following the IPCC report on climate. Wheeling out the phoney Monkton, as Alan Jones did on radio, should remind ordinary Australians just how desperate the heads in the sand public figures are. But as our first female PM ( Julia Gillard ) said last night at the Opera House in Sydney, when asked about the sexist and nasty head-lines she had to endure from the dumbed down Australian press, was to ignore them. Interesting and disappointing this morning when the radio news headlined with ” Gillard felt murderous after the misogyny she experienced in the House of representatives.” Odd when she said so much else and that was what the media head-lined.

A very strong point made on media watch, when David Suzuki made an error on Q @ A on the frequency of cyclones around the Barrier Reef, is how the stated facts from science/commentators have to completely fit the reality to what actually happened. The frequency of cyclones around the reef are static and have not increased (yet) as was earlier predicted. If one mistake is made (from thousands of other peer reviewed data proofs proved accurate) in actual climate reporting we then hear the very loud shouting of the people who still feel it should be business as usual and that humans are not having any inpact on the climate. I remember vividly a mistake I made during my recent visit to NZ when I said Australian beef was free of growth hormones. Soon put right, with some glee I felt, when it was pointed out I was wrong. Its Australia’s Coles supermarket chain that has a hormone free beef policy. Good lesson learnt though. Re-check and if quoting make sure your facts can be backed up.


I often think the disconnect city people have with what they consume and waste is growing. 5 minutes of watching some tv shows me that. Farmers are the real front-liners. If they see a farming practice they know so well disappear because of changing temps/rainfall ect, they will be the first body of people to tell it how it actually is on the ground.

Adaptation is still going to be good business and as soon as the ordinary investor/shareholder starts to direct their CEOs and the board-rooms they sit in and begin to put real pressure towards their overlords then we can start to have some real hope again.


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