Gentle rain is falling.


Tree trunk in the forest behind the cabin.

Horrific images from the bush fires around Sydney. Gentle rain started falling here at 5 30 am and is continuing. Only hope the fire areas get the same. Wake up call too for all of us around here. Summer is just beginning and the temps are set to soar.

Organics kerbside collection is coming
Council is in the planning stages of implementing a weekly, food and garden organics kerbside collection service to the urban areas of the Byron Shire. The service will be rolled out toward the middle of next year.

At present around 50% of what goes into our garbage trucks each week is food and garden organics. What a terrible waste! The collected material will be transported to a facility which will process the waste into compost. The compost will then go back into our soils to add valuable nutrients and produce healthy food and gardens. Together we will be working towards a much better option for our community and the environment.
From Byron Council.

My question to Council. How will the end product consumer of the compost know if the product is certifiably organic and does not have traces of herbicides ? Numerous gardens around the local urban areas still use glyphosate and other herbicides, even this week round-up, glyphosate, is advertised on special at the local Mitre 10.

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