Market Day over.

Good market, not too hot. Dry garden here with less than 2 mls of rain. Clouds gave me 2 days of pleasant gardening. Kale, cavolo nero,broccoli, silverbeet, first new potatoes, ginger and rhubarb all sold. Brought 2 cabbages home. All stalls are booked for the Christmas Fair on December 7th, from 9am to 2 pm. Variety with some interesting home cooking stalls. I have orders for 4 Christmas Cakes so a week of baking for me. I will bake ten, 4 at a time.
Jayne and Isabella in the garden here. Isabella loved the peas from the pod.

Germaine Greer was interviewed on the 7.30 report on ABC 1 by Quentin Dempster. (Extended interview on ABC on demand. ) “White Beech ” is her latest book in which she describes her work on her Lamington property. Regenerating degraded land and replanting it with local trees. Employs and pays well her hands on workers. ( Mulching machines too, lucky workers ) as they propagate in their nursery and plant out. She talked of fire and its history in Australia and how fragile the rain forest is to fire.

“White Beech ” is my Christmas gift to myself this year.

Germaine Greer flew down to Sydney for the interview in the Botanic Gardens. As the plane flew over the Burning Blue mountains where she saw the 300ks plus line of smoke, she noted she was the only one in the cabin who was looking down to witness it. I pads, entertainment were much more interesting.

Hens, free-range, sheds and cages back in the news. A bird flu has seen a free-range hen farm culled. Now the government wants all hens to be housed. If you run 10 000 hens on a hectare of land with-in weeks they will have only dust to live on. Immunity takes generations, not an instant. When essential nutrients are depleted, hens are vulnerable. .Hens provide us with protein, the healthier the hen the healthier is her egg and healthier for us who eat them. Hens need range with adequate greens and grit.Remembering they came from a forest originally. Hens are sentient creatures. Now some will want to shoot all birds who shit. And any hint of illness in these massive flocks, will see them culled. Appropriate space for each hen is the key.

Live cow trade, by plane to Kazakhstan, saw a number die en route. Come on Australia, get it right. I don’t think any live trade should occur. But if it does its got to be paramount for the animal. Eric Rolls, in a “Million Wild Acres ” tells how each of the first cows were shipped to Australia in sailing ships, virtually each had a carer along-side it during the voyage. They didn’t want any broken legs or under par animals to arrive to Botany Bay.


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