Cool after 35 degree days.

Busy few days as the temps drop by 10 degrees. Ideal for garden work. Moments of drizzle gave the ground no more than 1 ml. Town day yesterday and photographed this sign that has appeared at the crest of Laverty Gap. A lot of locals have noticed wide spread spraying burn-off and are concerned at fire hazard potential.
No sign of the koala now the koala count nation-wide is on. A male and female koala have been seen and heard since I returned from Europe. Roaming domestic dogs have caused me to do lots of chasing and tracking entry onto this property. I can only hope the dogs didn’t catch a transiting koala. Councillor Dey I spoke with in town and I thanked him for standing up for the koala at Council, one of two ( Basil Cameron, independent, the other) Councillors who did despite there being other Greens on Council. Really disappointing but festival and human colonising of more koala habitat is the reality in this Shire.


Wilson Creek Hall and our fair day banner.


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