Chemicals or Manual Labour ?

Professor David Lindenmayer,in his book On Borrowed time writes, “While the neoclassical economist will argue that everything has a price, ecological economists are revealing that ecosystem services are in fact almost priceless and that nature itself can deliver them far more cheaply than human interventionist technology. ”

In my observations here I have become well aware of the value of introduced plants such as lantana. The soil beneath, as is revealed when we slash and mulch it, is rich and teeming with life. Once mulched, seeds from indigenous trees find the protection the coarse mulch provides giving them a perfect nursery to germinate. Landline and Gardening programmes on ABC last night featured robot drones spraying, obviously for short term advantage and for instant gratification. My thought then was when our forebears cleared everything in their path how it is no different to what chemicals are doing today. Any plant that grows is protecting the micro life and until we can manually replace those same plants with constant follow up then we have learnt nothing from our forebears when they cleared everything in their path. Their labour, which was considerable, should be what we do today as the chemical-free groups are showing by example in their dune care at Brunswick. And a reminder, many of our surviving birds have adapted to new food sources available from introduced plants after we removed their original indigenous supply. Some of the funds spent on poisons, none of which we know of their long term affects on our water, air and soil, should be used on manual labour. Is it so difficult as our population becomes more obese ?

Food for thought.

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