Herbicide use.

A land-care information box appeared at the top of Laverty Gap some weeks ago, on the way out from this valley. Seeing it as a Public space I placed in the plastic envelope, 2 editorials from the local weekly, the Echo, questioning GM and the herbicide use we are seeing more broadly used with-in the Shire. Today I received a telephone call from the land-care local organiser who reminded me that she is a scientist, that our anti herbicide, GM editorials were not welcome in the local Land-care box. A typical rote bureaucratic monologue followed. Odd too when our aims are for restoration, odd too when poisons are employed to kill specific so called intruders. Yet when the heavy rains fall, as we are seeing happening more frequently, surely any plant growing is a plus as it reduces the soil run-off into the water-ways.

Come on local land-care, get the local community involved in the ecology of the valley we live in instead of promoting the short term satisfaction level of a quick spray of poisons. Wasn’t there unanimous support against CSG mining, which uses chemicals in their fracking process ? Water was the major concern in the protest against CSG> so how are the herbicides/pesticides we are witnessing in increasing use up and down these valleys different in their impact on our ecology ? How many of you vote green ? If you do and use poisons on the soil then you are voting through your ass. Is it about landscape illusions or real estate values based on all those photo shopped real estate ads in the local papers. Or is it about shares in the makers of the herbicides ?


This sign appeared at the gap too.

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