Rain cancels the Brunswick working bee.

Hi, we are not having a working bee tomorrow in Brunswick Heads.
However on Saturday the 7th we will have a chemical free information
stall at the Wilsons Creek Hall, Christmas Fair, from 9 am to 2pm.
This is a fantastic little market, great for local Certified Organic fresh produce and
home baking.


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2 responses to “Rain cancels the Brunswick working bee.

  1. Thank you. Could you please provide ASP, a brief description of the methodology used by you on the 100 acres of rain forest that you have restore, also a email or phone number for contact. I am preparing a flyer with all the chemical free sites on our area to give to the public this Saturday, love



      Chemical Free Bush Regeneration Techniques

      My restoration work starts with manual slashing of lantana using a brush-hook. The slashed lantana is then layered over the ground as mulch. Plantings were undertaken in the early years concentrated along water courses with lomandra, blue figs, creek lillypillies. After a year of lantana removal I followed up developing a keen eye to what was growing amongst the crofton and mist weed, carefully weeding around emerging bangalow palms, sand paper figs and native tamarind. The following year the indigenous trees had firmly established themselves and were beginning to shade out the straggling crofton and mist weed. Once this stage is reached it is then only a matter of touring these re-established sites to see what is emerging. Sometimes I find a lone camphor laurel which is easy to remove. I consider all soil cover essential until the canopy is established.

      My main tools are a brush hook and loppers for thicker lantana stems. I only work while comfortable, pulling the lantana out behind me which tramples it down. Lantana’s root systems are easily pulled in damper soils. A mattock is useful in dryer areas. I never exceed what I can manage comfortably which makes the next working day a pleasure to continue. If I find an indigenous tree seeding I gather and scatter the seed into similar conditions I find the seed in. It is so encouraging when in later months and usually following rain new trees are breaking through the soil. I regularly follow up all lantana mulched sights, removing Madagascan tobacco, the odd devils claw and lantana. This follow up is exciting for I see emerging rain forest seedlings, mostly red cedar in more open areas but a great variety of indigenous plants.

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      “Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT now. Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees, please. Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone .”

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