Friday before Saturday Fair Day.

Cooler morning which will make harvesting easier. Setting up the hall with tables after mid-day.

Resting after laying their eggs.

Congratulations to Brunswick Chemical Free Land-care for the State award they received. I hope their presence at the market tomorrow will benefit our valley as the discredited with some, local land-care, increase their poisoning. Irony too when a bio-diversity officer from Council wants to apply herbicides near where he lives in Huonbrook. Doesn’t he know Council is now working towards being herbicide free ?

This beautiful gully I cleared by hand of privet, groundsel and lantana 15 years ago. With the tough privet and groundsel, I chopped them to ground level and followed up with the snipping of any new sprouting. Best way to regenerate because by doing the follow up I was able to see what was actually happening at soil level.

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