Cavolo Nero, brassica olerecea or black leaf kale.

The photo above is of this enduring and amazing Brassica which has continued growing for over two years now. It can with stand intense heat and mini drought as well as steady rainy periods. A valuable source of Vitamin K, A, C and E with traces of calcium, iron, manganese and copper to my vegetarian diet. It is a beautiful plant in the garden providing a dimension and contrasting green to the other lighter shades of other vegetables growing. It’s origins are from the Tuscany region of Italy where it is commonly used in risotto or gently sautéed in olive oil and garlic. I recommend planting a few seeds and giving it a try out. It does not require a lot of space and prefers an open spot in the garden.

All my kales were popular at Saturdays Christmas Fair with it all selling before anything else. Dried kale chips are the new foodie rage around here.

This final photo is the Cavolo Nero about to flower and set seed for a new crop planting.


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