Bush regen and chemical free.

Marriage between bush regen & chemical free

Without affecting biodiversity, Council sets chemical free target!
After having many sustainability and biodiversity specialists providing feedback and knowledge, it was incredibly exciting for Council support my Notice of Motion (NOM) outlining an aspirational target to end the use of chemicals in weed management, creating an overall strategy and, in the short term, to look to use non chemical techniques for our high use public spaces. The NOM does not threaten to undo all the great and important work done by our staff and partner organisations by immediately ending our current weed management strategies. Many skilled and environmentally passionate people have done and continue to do wonderful and vital restorative work along our coastlines and biodiversity rich areas and it is vital we don’t undo this work.

Instead, the NOM develops a policy to frame the management within an overarching vision and an action plan to map the road to be taken to realise the vision. Secondly, it seeks some short-term actions, especially concerning high use public spaces. The community is justifiably concerned about the possible detrimental affects of the continual use chemical based pesticides and herbicides and this NOM seeks to create an ‘end game’ whereby, incrementally, if chemical use is to be continued, it will be up to Council to explain why chemical free cannot occur and to begin the process of moving away from chemical based answers to weed management questions.

Simon Richardson.

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