E Mail Sue Walker.

Byron Shire Chemical Free Land-care.

The Byron Shire Chemical Free Landcare’s last working bee and Christmas
party will be on December, Saturday 14th, from 8:30 am till 12:30
noon, at Brunswick Heads Crown Land Reserve site. Meet at the end of
South Head Road fire track gate.

If you come later, walk along the dog walking beach track, look South
from the fence and you will spot us doing follow-up work. Please wear
boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants, a hat, gloves and bring
water. Morning tea at 10:30 am with delicious organic bananas from
Mullumbimby Farmers Market and a water Mellon from Santos.

NP is ground spraying TNR, including the north boundary where it join
the chemical free site. Please bring a sign with a spray love message
for us to hang on the sprayed Bitou. Perhaps say how you want the
land to be cared for or what you don’t want. If possible use durable
recycled material, but whatever will be great.

Please if you get a chance write to NPWS and ask: why TNR can’t be
managed using ecological l restoration principals, if the community have
the methodology, skills and will to do it? I have called her and I have
also written a letter that I will share. Please share your letter if you
wish, it will empower other people to speak up.

Sue Walker ( local area manager)

Local assaults of herbicides have been increasing in the valley. More steep verges have been sprayed. Spasmodic herbicide has been used along side sections of the road. Steep inclines, where the rain fall excess run-off occurs, washing all the active poison into water-ways. Ecology first, adaptation to 2013. Regeneration is about watching, learning and listening. Poisoning short-lived tobacco bush and you have deprived numerous bird species of daily food.


If a human swims in a sharks territory then the human is food. Just like humans, opportunistic feeders.


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