Sunday, rest day.


Copy of my brief response to Sue Walker.

It is with great disappointment to read and hear that NP’S have once again resorted to spraying along the dunes south of Brunswick Heads.
More and more young people are getting involved in ecological sensitive regeneration and the numbers are growing all the time. If any-one is prepared to volunteer their time then it means they are passionate along-side of being converse with the independent science surrounding herbicides.

Why are NP’s not working along-side these individuals ? This expanding group of volunteers are the future of regeneration and your organisation could be supporting, encouraging and expressing gratitude for their efforts.

Its all about ecology in the long run and surely spraying 2 chemicals, that have proven negative results on not only the target plant but a lot else the human eye doesn’t see therefore doesn’t comprehend. Run off from residue too with our heavier showers is surely contributing to the alarming degradation of the sea.

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December 14, 2013 · 8:02 pm

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