Older trees like older humans just keep growing.


Tour of the valley roads yesterday I viewed more herbicide sprayed areas of lantana. The time it took to buy the spray, pack up and proceed the same area of lantana would have been slashed and layered in half the time and half the cost. Now the main corporate sponsored pusher of herbicides in these valleys is holding inject and kill work-shops on the coral tree. Irresponsible too is the obvious spraying right to water-way lines. One sprayer told me its only salt mate to which I replied that I have never smelt salt smelling like the smell as I walk past herbicide sprayed sites as I head to town.

I have been working on my coral tree sproutings the last week. Because I failed to do my follow up last year, along with electricity line workers coming in and dropping a coral branch into a deep gulley, I have been coppicing the new shoots. Really pleased to discover previous coppiced stumps I have regularly attended have died off. I have left 3 coral trees alone. Not only do they provide a visual delight when flowering and numerous nectar birds are feeding, the wide ranging root system provides a stabilising role for the steep bank. Adaptability before city style landscaping as our climate rapidly changes.

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