Cane toad time.

Birthday week has seen the garden schedule get well behind. Extremely humid and vegetables all rushing to seed, again. Twice since spring. While picking tomatoes I came across two cane toads. The first since November.


Since living here the cane toad population has varied from year to year. I have an active campaign to euthanize them when I find them and I think my indigenous frog population has increased. But I don’t fully know. Maybe there is a gradual balance evolving? I found one cane toad early in 2013, in the full sun, still alive but with its eyes missing. Suggested to me a bird had attacked it. Its suffering must have been intense before I disposed of its life. I have also always been critical of Council’s once in a while one off ‘lets feel we are doing something’, musters. For eradication to be really effective it would require a 365day approach.

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