Direct action with-out herbicides or grant money.

Although a distinct feeling of autumn in the evening the days are still reaching 30 plus degrees. Jayne and Jock and I enjoyed a steep bush climb this morning and I did a demonstration slash with my favourite brush-hook.
This morning I listened to BACKGROUND BRIEFING on Radio National. Disturbing listening on how we are being duped by our Governments and the Mining Companies.

Germaine Greer rails against chemical companies and other corporations funding the land-care movement. Perhaps that is why we are seeing an increasing use of herbicides in our valleys, recipients receiving grants then paying workers ( usually with no breathing protection ) to spray willy nilly everything in their sights.

And from a ecological practitioner. Comments section ABC>
As identified here, the lack of accreditation for ecologists is a serious problem. Few people would complete an ecology/environmental science degree with the intention of committing fraud for profit (although I have met a few), but too often the economic reality of being in the employ of the proponent means that ecological consultants who don’t see their role as green tape scissors for business find themselves unemployed.

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