Spring weather already ?????

It is like our spring has come early or late this year in 2014, electrical storms, quick and heavy down-pours and inhibiting humidity. But Saturday ( Earth Hour day ) was sunny and a perfect opportunity to get the washing dry, tomato vines pulled up in the garden and a score of other smaller chores undertaken. The very heavy rain flattened taller plants in the garden with any seeding vegetable collapsing.It was a day when birds appeared to be preparing for something, swallows building a mud nest, spangled drongos (usually not seen here after summer ) chasing flying insects for food along with busy and noisy bower birds. Wompoo pigeons flying across to the fig trees. At night the fluro fungi’s radiated their blue neon light and the glow-worms intense green spec illuminated the banks of the drive-way and creek edges. An enchanting night of exploring.

Earth Hour saw the cities turn their lights down for an hour. I wonder what on-going impact this has but the candle light out-side Parliament in Canberra, high-lighting the demise of the Great Barrier Reef, was reported. Shame those we have elected weren’t there.
The UN report on the environment comes out today. It will have little impact on Canberra.
Walking through a regenerated section of the rain forest I watched this thornbill, (correct me if I have got the ID wrong), darting along the forest floor.

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