Local example of herbicide use.

While in Australia synthetic herbicides like glyphosate are being used every where, include on our drains and to the edges of waterways, like it is harmless, first and third world countries our moving laws to protect the public. When are our herbicide users going to wake up ? Congratulation to the El Salvador government.

” With 45 votes in favor, members of the FMLN, Unidos por El Salvador and GANA approved the amendment of a Law on the control of pesticides, fertilizers and products for agricultural use, which allows the prohibition of 53 chemicals in El Salvador, Central America Data announced.”
Among the list of the banned 53 chemicals are Paraquat, Glyphosate (Roundup) and Endosulfan.

Sprayed many times. Pioneer Bridge site.

Monash University environmental scientist and The Weed’s Network founder Dr David Low is passionate about a sustainable, viable and creative future in our relationship with weeds. Dr. Low believes that through a spirit of willing exploration we can foster ways to better understand weeds, so they become a resource we can manage with environment and future generations in mind.

The Weed’s Network (http://weedsnetwork.com) provides evidence-based information for innovative ways of thinking about, engaging with and managing weeds sustainably. The Weed’s Network publishes The Weed’s News, a place to hear the latest about weed research and share information about weed management and/or prevention, delivered direct to your email address once a fortnight.

The Weed’s Network also publishes an on-line Sustainable Weeding Guide which is a leading resource for learning about sustainable options for living with and working with weeds. The guide covers a wide range of weed issues including Cultural Management, Revegetation Management, Organic Weed Management, Crop Specific Weed Management, Herbicides and much more.

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