Rain-forest work morning.

Cooler morning made the steep climb to near the boundary to Night-Cap enjoyable. We watched 2 Marbled Frogmouths in a rosewood tree. So silent as they flew to another branch when our noise disturbed them. Following, we worked on the track for the school visit on Friday. Pav suggested we show the pupils how we slash and layer lantana while watching out for rain-forest seedlings. Excellent idea. I marked the track to the bower and we slashed out the edges to the bangalow palm forest.

It will be a fantastic day Friday. I do not know how many pupils are coming but there will be 4 older people too. Hopefully a botanist amongst us all.

I am picking tamarillos and fresh pineapples for lunch amongst the trees.

A visual on the walking track.

In eastern Asia, P. indusiatus is considered a delicacy and an aphrodisiac.[46] Previously only collected in the wild, where it is not abundant, it was difficult to procure. The mushroom’s scarcity meant that it was usually reserved for special occasions. In the time of China’s Qing Dynasty, the species was collected in Yunnan Province and sent to the Imperial Palaces to satisfy the appetite of Empress Dowager Cixi, who particularly enjoyed meals containing edible fungi.[47] It was one of the eight featured ingredients of the “Bird’s Nest Eight Immortals Soup” served at a banquet to celebrate her 60th birthday. This dish, served by descendants of the Confucius family in celebrations and longevity banquets, contained ingredients that were “all precious food, delicacies from land and sea, fresh, tender, and crisp, appropriately sweet and salty”.[48] Another notable use was a state banquet held for American diplomat Henry Kissinger on his visit to China to reestablish diplomatic relations in the early 1970s.[49] One source writes of the mushroom: “It has a fine and tender texture, fragrance and is attractive, beautiful in shape, fresh and crispy in taste.”[50] The dried fungus, commonly sold in Asian markets, is prepared by rehydrating and soaking or simmering in water until tender.[51] Sometimes used in stir-frys, it is traditionally used as a component of rich chicken soups.[52] The rehydrated mushroom can also be stuffed and cooked.
From Byron Councils Mayor’s newsletter.
Chemical free spray weeding
Steam weeding has come to Byron Shire. Yes! Council recently trialed a steam weeding machine at the Suffolk Park sports field carpark, to see where and on what weeds it works best. Initial results suggests that its best use will be for treatment of weeds in pavement; particularity in high use areas such as schools and footpaths near commercial businesses.

It may not be suitable everywhere, especially in major riparian and biodiversity enhancement areas, but hopefully we can use the chemical free weed killer at public sites such as playgrounds. We’ve taken the first step on the path of our recently adopted aspirational resolution to be chemical free within five years.

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