Weeds Network site.

After the disappointment and sadness I felt after the 2 platypus bodies were found earlier this week, I took my torch out for a night walk and sighted what I thought was a Eastern Barred Bandicoot. When I looked up its range/habitat location it doesn’t appear to supposed to be this far north. A photo in this week’s local paper (Echo ) of the Eastern Barred looks very similar to what I saw. Unfortunately I did not get any photos.

Instead a photo of my kale, sorrel and mint pie. Great taste combination.

I recommend forwarding the Weedsnetwork site to any-one you know who still argue that herbicides are safe and that Round-up is benign in water and soil.




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2 responses to “Weeds Network site.

  1. What I want to know is who to report it and who is going to research why the platypus where dead? It is just ridiculous and back woods all this spraying going on on our catchment. It is totally over the top and bush regeneration with this level of ignorance our pushing beautiful young people out of the industry. I sprayed this poisons for 10 years, however completely out of ignorance. When I start to look the research very closely I stop.


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