Cooler and 50 mls of Rain.

Early morning walk out was a invigorating way to start the day. Red skies reflecting in windows as I passed a couple of dwellings. Birds waking and all bathed in a pink day break. Beautiful. The only negative was seeing banks of bana grass sprayed and yellow. Steep banks down to the road’s drain. A very bad practice.

Town busy and the Farmers market very social. The couple of certified organic growers I talked to had been approached (as I was ) a couple of times this week, by the organic wholesale market in Melbourne, desperate to buy certified organic ginger. Melbourne Organic market is very hungry for more certified produce.
Picked up another double edged brush-hook and a decent filing stone. With Monday’s forecast saying fine and cool it will be a good day to start beginner lantana slashers.


Viewed the area where the platypus bodies were found. Photo is of the poisoned coral trees on the creeks edge. Important platypus habitat. They are just discovering a lot more about platypus, they have a range up to 4 kilometres or more in creeks. Much further than originally thought. I doubt we will ever really know how the 2 died but we should be adhering to caution with all herbicide use in these sensitive changing habitats. Spasmodic spraying and then hand weeded and mowed boundaries along the once again seriously pot-holed road. A vengeful spray by a neighbour next to a certified property, where no spray signs are displayed. It takes allsorts and so unfair and is highly stressful for the organic grower.


Cooler morning ( Saturday ) after a 50 ml rain period overnight. Gardening was a pleasure as the sun came out and transplanting cauliflower, cavalo nero and red cabbages took me three hours.
The snake was stretched out in the sun.

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