Council’s herbicide regime list.

Glyphosate 360g a.i/L eg. Weedmaster Duo, Roundup, Roundup Biactive
Metsulfuron-methyl 600g a.i/kg eg Brush Off
Wetters/spreaders/penetrants eg. LI 700, Protech Plus, Pulse
Herbidye eg. Pergasol Red, Simplot Blue
From Byron Shire Council’s web-site.

My letter to Council.

Myself and an increasing number of local residents are concerned at the increase and spasmodic spraying of herbicide along Huonbrook Road. To the edges of drains and causeways which the recent heavy rain will see the surface herbicide widely distributed. I assume it is Council due to carelessly placed signs with BSC inscribed.

Surely, if it is Council, a cautionary principle should be enforced now Council has committed to the phase out of herbicide use. Enough independent scientific research has now verified that Round-up ( glyphosate ) is not inactive in water, soil and air with more countries now committed to its withdrawal.

Manual regeneration work needs to be created and supported by every-one with an eye on the ecology of our Shire. Properly supervised young people could learn the art of stone wall building and proper drain and water-way care. Encourage their guardianship of our roads and causeways.

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