A day of sun and then a day of showers.

Excellent working week. 2 workers, along-side of myself, slashed and mulched lantana. Cool mornings gave us a few hours of pleasant work-outs, layering considerable areas with mulch and finding beneath the lantana various emerging rain forest seedlings. Garden too benefited from a day of gentle showers. Tomatoes still abundant although we are well into May, a first for this time of the year.

Walked out at 5.45 yesterday. Still dark. A good start to the day as the birds wake. As it gets light I took photos of the spasmodic herbicide foliage burn-off. Odd rational soon becomes apparent. Decaying and smelly foliage next and in drains. Previous years have seen a more thorough mowing of both sides of the road. Surely more sensible as the so called weed plants would not have a chance to set seed. Herbicide use, as proven and well documented from Western Australia, has produced more resistant plants. Bit like our use and abuse of antibiotics, nature is one step ahead in the long run.


This strangler fig was no more than a tiny seedling in the fork of the sally wattle tree. Ten years on and the embrace is complete.

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