Hackney action.

Fashion designer Katherine Hamnett called an emergency meeting after spotting a council worker spraying the London Fields wildflower meadow with noxious Roundup pesticide. Well known for her political T-shirts and ethical business philosophy, Ms Hamnett is “alarmed” at the council’s use of the chemical known as glyphosate, which environmentalists want to see banned and is linked to organ damage and infertility. She has been handing out leaflets in the popular park warning people not to walk or picnic within 100 feet of the wildflower meadow because of the “poison” she says has been sprayed there. Her leaflet reads: “Sitting on the grass, eating with your hands near an area that has been sprayed with herbicide is the shortest route to ingesting it bar drinking it straight from the bottle.” Ms Hamnett, who was made a CBE in 2010 for services to the fashion industry, said: “As summer looms, and we can expect to see the return of hundreds of young picnickers sitting on the grass near sprayed areas, the issue is one of increasing importance.” Hackney Council came under fire last year for the £40,000 a year it spends spraying parks and weed-free streets with glyphosate, which is marketed by biotech giant Monsanto as Roundup.

Repeated attempts to have made public the amount our Council and all land-care operation’s spend on Round-up in this Shire always comes to finding out nothing.

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