World Environment Day.

These days, it’s becoming increasingly hard for conscious consumers to find food that does not contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Luckily, there are organic farmers all over the world who are committed to growing GMO-free foods. But if the Supreme Court of Western Australia has its way, that might not be the case much longer.

Here’s the thing about genetically modified plants — it’s hard to contain them with fences. Pollen and seeds that have been scientifically altered float on the wind to neighbouring plots. And when those plots are organic farmland, that means a devastating mixing of crops can occur, which is why many activists are lobbying for minimum distances between GMO and non-GMO farms.

That’s what happened in Western Australia, where a farm er says he lost his organic certification — his entire livelihood — when his neighbour’s Monsanto Roundup Ready canola seed contaminated his own.

This is just more evidence that huge companies are making it harder to avoid GMOs in everyday life. Unfortunately, the WA Supreme Court didn’t see it that way. It ruled against the organic farmer, meaning that GMO farmers will not have to take greater responsibility to contain their crops.

We still don’t know the long-term effects GMOs will have on the environment or on human health. In the meantime, it’s downright reckless to continue allowing contamination. Ask the WA Supreme Court to reconsider its decision and protect organic farmers and consumers from GMO.

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