Town day.

Mullumbimby town day. Starry sky when I walked out at 5 45 am, day slowly breaking but when I arrived in town heavy cloud cover and a shower. Over breakfast in my favourite town café, newspapers providing laughs at the satire emerging from our ideology driven male politician’s public statements. Satire always illuminates when single minded people get elected.

As I travelled through the valley, took photos of drains that had been sprayed. No life existed in the remaining puddles of water. Yesterday I watched a French documentary on SBS which followed a group of French scientists into a remaining forested valley in Madagascar, a country with very few trees left. There they looked for all life, what was living in water holding mosses, a habitat for a myriad of minute life, to observing for the first time, the bamboo lemur. One scientist likened our rampaging advance to a aircraft’s wing which is held together by thousands of rivets. If one or two rivets become loose the plane will still fly, loose more and the wing becomes unstable to eventually collapsing. The scientist likened what we are doing as humans, as we encroach with land clearing and what industrialisation entails, the planet is losing another rivet every day.
An example of lack of co-operation between the Brunswick Chemical Free Dune Care group and National parks is happening out on the coast. Why don’t National parks and land-care groups start working with the volunteers who give their time to regenerate with-out herbicides ? It is a waste of the genuine commitment that the volunteers are displaying by their actions. Along-side of what they are actually observing at what is happening at ground level, its healthy and satisfying real work. All sites that have been sprayed reveal very limited micro life at soil level. The decision makers should work along-side the Chemical Free workers and learn by observing. Opportunity too for Federal Government to direct their proposed green action towards those young people who would benefit training with Chemical Free Regenerators. Rewarding and very satisfying work, both mentally and physically.

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