On the contrary to the recent orthodoxy of herbicide use.

With another grant flowing into the local land-care it is time the conventional recent up-take of herbicides in regeneration is seriously challenged.

Discontent amongst many locals at the use of herbicides- along-side sealed and gravel roads- up steep banks where tobacco and lantana are sprayed- is seeing an increase in frustrated resentment.

Cat-fish are being found dead in the creeks and there is also the mystery deaths of 2 platypus. All near heavily herbicide areas. Along-side of the visible damage, the question of the run-off of the herbicides used into the creeks where some residents take their domestic water from.





With all the described toxic effects of glyphosate, it becomes imperative to assess the level of contamination of the water supplies, our source of drinking water. Recent research in Catalonia, Spain, revealed widespread contamination of their groundwater [103]. In the US, glyphosate has been detected in rain and air samples [104].

Research recently performed in Germany detected glyphosate in the urine of all tested Berlin city residents, including one person who had been eating organic food for over 10 years [105]. Levels reached 5-20 times the established permitted level in drinking water in the EU. Even those who live away from farming areas are not protected. Glyphosate was previously found in urine samples of farm workers at concentrations shown to have caused endocrine disruption.
Sourced from Permaculture News.



Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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