Waiting for Autopsy Results.

The red legged pademelon is now on its way for an autopsy. Now that I have sighted 2 more, with similar skin eruptions, it is vital we learn what is causing this obviously very painful condition.

This little fella came to my feet briefly hours before I found its body- a hard moment or two for me – should I end its suffering ? I remembered the simplified Hippocratic oath a doctor quoted to me once, that he was there to do no harm to me, his patient. Fortunately its suffering ended a short time later.


In its last days it nibbled on some of the foliage I have placed in the photo.


Attended the land-care meeting. Hubris from the herbicide supporters blurred any meaningful discussion on the concerns from those who have genuine worries as to the safety of glyphosate injection into coral trees on the creeks edge. When a presenter said that the the growing evidence from independent scientists is hocus pocus, when they present peer reviewed evidence in opposition to the chemical labels on herbicides, serious doubt follows as to the motives.

But if the many phone and e-mail response I am having since the meeting is any-thing to go by, serious concern is growing.



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3 responses to “Waiting for Autopsy Results.

  1. Jane Laidlaw

    How awful for this poor animal, and for you to witness. Hopefully the autopsy will come up with some answers. Big hug to you dear friend xxx


  2. The animal came to you like to St Francis


    • They come to where there isn’t a dog or cat to harass them and the shelter is stable. They are safe because the crows and currawongs fly away when humans are present. Any feeble creature is an easy meal.


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