Saturday already. A reshuffle from my normal routine week. Friday night I had my first ever severe reaction to a dodgy peanut. Swelling of lips, blacked out which saw me falling on my glasses. Nice black eye result. Recovered with-in an hour and slept well following.

Certification for organic status saw an inspection of the gardens and surroundings on Thursday. The garden buzzed with bees, hover flies with swallows swooping and darting above. The flowering coral tree with honey eater’s enjoying its nectar. I transplanted and sowed a variety of seed.

Yesterday, after the pademelon’s body had been removed, I searched with binoculars, to spot the condition of any pademelon I came across. The 2 I saw looked very healthy with no fur disruptions.

Carpet snakes on the move but Barnie, the newly introduced rooster, was taken by the wood-stove resident. Unfortunately the snake was unable to swallow him so next day the roaming three goannas recycled the remains. Now the newly introduced Isa, a gentle red, has to be watched when out-side but yesterday the other hens accepted her near them where she will be safer as she learns the ways of here.

Enjoyed my follow up work along the creeks edge. The odd lantana pulled and emerging cedars and black apples peeping above the wild raspberries which provide the perfect protection for emerging trees.


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