Coral nectar a feast for Honey eaters.

Glyphosate (round-up) has been found by researchers close to the Great Barrier Reef in seawater. This is a surprising finding to many as Glyphosate has been marketed as a biodegradable product by its makers.
This study demonstrated Glyphosate is moderately persistent in marine water under low light conditions and is highly persistent in the dark. The authors conclude in this study that little degradation would be expected during flood plumes in the tropics, which would then deliver dissolved and sediment-bound glyphosate far from shore.
Jo Immig. For further up to date information see

So it is hard to understand the local land-care mis-guided use of this product on coral trees lining the creeks edge, water that eventually reaches the ocean. Instead, employ and train young people in the chemical free approach to land-care. In this CLIMATE change action week it is time to react positively for the whole environment and its delicate balance for all life we live amongst.

Thank-you Rodney and Elizabeth for your visit and to Rodney for the photos of the birds feasting from the coral tree.

And human kind is fouling it’s nest.

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