Shaking the tree of orthodoxy.

Don Watson’s new book ( The Bush travels in the Heart of Australia, ) is about to be released. Watson spoke on Radio National where he outlined our fragmented relationship with the land compared to the Aboriginal People’s cosmology of the land…… .to how we treat the soil to what we put into our water ect ect.
A must read.

So as the coral tree injecting programme in our valley, next to running water, is gathering pace, my hope is the many objecting land-guardians hold their ground and refuse glyphosate use on the land they manage. The science, chemical free/most organic gardeners follow, from data collected from all over the world’s Universities to Friends of the Earth, all confirm the creeping negative input of glyphosate in water, sea water, air and soil and food. Some ecologists call this research hocus pocus. I wonder why when ecology means the study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment.

It then makes some of us responsible for alerting those environmentalists/ecologists/land guardians who are not aware of contemporary peer reviewed findings around glyphosate contamination. Out-side of what the self serving chemical companies say about their product, it is up to us, the lay people observers and citizen scientists to report what we read,see and observe. Its called a Public Service.

The pro-herbicide lobby remind me of the first defence of smoking as being harmless.


I was asked at the week-end what endangered birds depend upon the nectar of the coral tree. All I could say is that many birds feed on the nectar during the winter flowering months. With Australia’s appalling rate of fauna decline, it is vital, in my view, that we adapt to 2014 and our rapidly changing climate systems.

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