Weather jumping from humid to cool as the cold air from the south comes north. A 3 minute heavy dump of rain during the night was welcome although an hour would have been welcomed.


I have been waiting for the autopsy results from the body of the red-leg pademelon that died here on September 4. Finally I received a call that told me the lab couldn’t perform it due to the body being in a state of decay. A fact I and others involved find hard to believe. The body was transported with-in 24 hours after its death. I have later been told domestic animals receive priority at this facility, ironic after a week that the media is repeating that feral cats number over 15 million in the country-side and are destroying our remaining wild-life. All reports said how it is vital to take country wide action.
It now appears, a horrific skin condition that no-one I have talked to had seen before, is not a priority to find out exactly what has caused it.

I read and hear how the Local Greens are imploding with Rose Wanchap’s defection to the developer right wing of the elected Councillors. Shame really but from where I see it the local Greens had lost sight of the whole environment and its guardians some time ago. Hinterland issues, ie herbicide use increase, feral dogs and cats, encouraging better use of land instead of mowing, support for organic food production ect, plastic bags which we were told 10 years ago would be phased out and on it goes. The local Green vote is little more than a feel good vote and that is where it now appears to start and end. To reignite the passion and good-will of active environmentalists, the local Greens need to re-establish dialogue and get out of their cosy cubby holes and find out what is actually happening in the whole shire.

Open public meetings perhaps ? The current derision we are witnessing between Wanchap supporters and those opposed to her, is paralleled in the dismal state of Australian politics generally. It really is time to grow up.

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