36 degrees over the week-end saw burn off in the garden. To be expected so more mulch is required everywhere. Turmeric emerging and as soon as the rain falls, 15 mls at least, the ginger will twist out of the soil.
Proactive week weeding the jump weed alongside the public road. Jayne, Robyn and myself are now finding what we missed in the first pull. Really good satisfying effort.

Keeping glyphosate and other herbicides out of our environment is an achievement to be continued and expanded.
During the seering heat over the weekend, the hens queued to lay their eggs on the end of my bed.

Radio national broadcast on Bush telegraph, an hour on Animal Cruelty. A caged hen farmer and a free-range pork producer. Peta and Voiceless represented the animals. Ag gag laws were dismissed by an American Expert, the same laws Australia wants to introduce. Worth listening to and hearing all the arguments. I think animal rights will come to the fore in public debate again now the live animal trade is set to increase with the free trade agreements.


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