Dismal week via the media.

Dismal reading from Justin McCurry in his update from Fukushima. 4 years after the tsunami, which saw the triple meltdown at the nuclear plant, 17 billion dollars have already been spent in the clean-up. Everyday,approximately 400 tonnes of water from groundwater streams behind the plant are piped into the basements of the three stricken reactors. There the fresh water is mixed with a coolant to prevent melted fuel over heating which would trigger another major accident. Then the contaminated water is pumped into holding tanks (1000s of tanks) but large volumes of this poisoned water is leeching into maintenance trenches which then feed into the sea. The plans for a “frozen 1.5km barrier ” to keep ground water out of the reactor basements is regarded by many as pie in the sky.

And another ramshackle week in Australia’s domestic politics. I viewed “First Contact ” on SBS, see I View, just depressed me really. Or maybe its because I am getting old and always had the hope humans would evolve in harmony with each other along with the planet and its incredible remaining diversity.


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  1. Dear Don Well some good news. My Ziji is the lead witness in the Royal Commission into Institutional responses to child sex abuse. It is going very well for the victims. Australian government giving incredible support. Love Avinashi Saraswati saraswatiyoga.com



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