In Egypt, dolma is called Mahshi Wara’ inab. Unlike other Levant or Turkic countries, dolma in Egypt is eaten hot, not as an appetizer, but could be part of a main dish. It usually has a certain mixture (khaltat mahshi) that is made of rice, tomato sauce, and chopped onions and parsley as a stuffing. Dolma in Egypt, unlike other countries, is very small, that you could eat two in one bite. Not only grape leaves are used to make mahshi in Egypt, but also tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, and cabbage. Mint added in the mixture we made here. Potatoes and artichokes are used in a variation. Plenty of sliced onions, sauted until golden brown then the rolled dolmades placed in the pot along with chopped tomatoes.
Thanks to Wikipedia.

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