Last day of Spring.

Hectic week passing. Rain measured over 70 mls which has seen the garden revive and after a couple of hours cutting lemon grass and mulching this morning, it always delights me in what was wilting or burning off last week, is this morning looking vital again.Richard

Nice out-come from the Echo article and although I got the jump-weed, now jumpseed, name wrong, I have a Sydney Environmentalist offering to fund a botanist ( who is passionate about not using herbicides ) to come here to identify everything that is growing. I will be delighted to find such an expert so from February on I hope this person can be employed…… Time is always something that has to be managed here. Rain, heat, humidity. All cooler days are devoted to slashing, pulling and layering lantana.


November 29, 2014 · 9:37 pm

2 responses to “Last day of Spring.

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    We are in NE Victoria and grow most of our food in wicking beds
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